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LORECYL is researching and developing new formulations for the next generation skin care products.  LORECYL intends to leverage the collective experience of its team to develop and patent new formulations.  LORECYL uses knowledge of technology and science at the intersection of various fields including material science, chemistry, biochemistry and ultraviolet to develop the latest products in skin care.  LORECYL is continuously researching to bring the latest cosmetics to the market.

​​At LORECYL, we are combining the best ingredients to achieve desired effects and provide our customers with original high-level formulations to satisfy the latest trends.  ​​At LORECYL we take the pride to provide products that are competitive with leading brands.

3D molecular structure of Val-Gly-Val-Ala-Pro-Gly (VGVAPG), a repeating peptide in Tropoelastin protein monomer which is a precursor of Elastin protein polymer.  Elastin is naturally present in the skin.  It helps to keep the skin flexible and tight.  It also helps to keep the skin smooth as it stretches.