MOISTURIZERS:  ​LORECYL carries a number of moisturizing crèmes and lotions to hydrate and help moisturize the skin.

HYDRATING COMPLEX CRÈME: ​This crème is a soothing complex that contains vegetable oils and botanical extracts including grape, arnica, chamomile, and calendula. It provides hydration and works to improve texture of the skin.

CITRUS DAY SKIN CARE: This balanced formulation helps condition and tone the skin. It contains botanical extracts and works to rejuvenate the complexion of the skin.

COLLAGEN ELASTIN: This moisturizer is formulated with elastin and collagen naturally present in the skin. This cream smoothes fine lines and conditions the skin.

PM MAXIMA CRÈME: This advanced formulation utilizes anti-aging peptides and a unique botanical extract blend that has a therapeutic effect on estrogen-deprived skin. Rich emollient and ceramide 2 provide continual nourishment during the night.

HERBAL NOVA CRÈME: This formulation has natural proteins, lipids and humectants to provide extra needed moisture for aging skin. This nourishing formula utilizes vitamins and botanicals to revitalize, soften and hydrate the skin.

CALENDULA CRÈME: This oil free moisturizer delicately hydrates the skin, shielding it from moisture loss and environmental stress. Skin soothing calendula offers herbal conditioning to oily, acneic and problematic skin.

DAILY O2 OPTIMIZING CRÈME: This highly nourishing formula contains natural proteins, lipids and special humectants to provide extra needed moisture for aging skin. This formula utilizes vitamins and botanicals to revitalize, soften and hydrate the skin. This formula is intended to treat sensitive skin.

GLYCOLIC FACE CRÈME: This silky, rich, moisturizing crème contains glycolic acid to provide exfoliation. Grapeseed, licorice, and vitamin E calm the skin and provide antioxidant benefits while vitamin A revitalizes. This crème helps rejuvenate environmentally damaged skin and correct problematic and acneic skin.

DAILY INTENSIVE MOISTURIZER: This emollient crème is enriched with Pro Vitamin B, Panthenol and Vitamin C. It hydrates and softens skin, protecting delicate skin tissue from environmental damage.

OIL-FREE DAILY MOISTURIZER: This lightweight formula is enriched with skin-plumping Sodium Hyaluronate and conditioning Panthenol. It leaves the skin non-greasy and silky-smooth.

OIL CONTROLLING MOISTURIZER: This lightweight moisturizer controls excess oil and shine, while Green Tea extracts soothe and help protect skin from environmental damage.

SKIN BRIGHTNING MOISTURIZER: This crème is formulated with vitamin C, Ginkgo Biloba extracts and subtle light reflectors to get your skin glowing.

RESTORATIVE NIGHT COMPLEX: This emollient night crème contains selected ingredients known to promote the natural production of skin lipids. It is balanced with a highly effective Vitamin C ester, and aids in clarifying and brightening while stimulating collagen production.

SOY NIGHT RECOVERY CRÈME: This formulation contains specially selected ingredients and is balanced with hydrolyzed soy protein and botanical extracts to assist in revitalizing the skin.

NIGHT RENEWAL CRÈME: This luxurious, oil free crème helps exfoliate dead skin cells that cause signs of aging dryness and uneven skin tone.

GLYCOLIC RECHARGE NIGHT CRÈME: This enriched moisturizer contains glycolic acid and Green Tea extract to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

SCRUBS: LORECYL scrub formulations safely and gently remove dead skin cells to leave a retextured silky smooth skin.

GRAIN SCRUB: This gentle formula contains fruit enzymes, a mild AHA, and Aloe Vera that work together with natural grains to safely lift off dead skin cells. This formula effectively polishes the skin’s surface, leaving the complexion of the skin glowing.

MICRO EXFOLIATING SCRUB: This microdermabrasion scrub treats the skin to a professional, spa-inspired exfoliating facial. It safely and effectively removes dead skin cells to leave skin retextured and silky smooth.

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